About Us


IMPACT Theatre is a registered charity (1156915) and its main aims are to promote a positive image of disability and to develop communication and self-confidence, through participation in performing and creative arts and other supporting activities. 

IMPACT Theatre Company was set up in 1999 and then became the Charitable Incorporated Organisation IMPACT Theatre in 2014.
IMPACT Theatre is a pioneer in ensuring our organisation is user-led. 

It is different from many organisations, in that it really does encourage members to take part in the many aspects of the successful running of the company and facilitates, relying on as much input from members as possible.
IMPACT Theatre runs:

  • Workshops and short performances in the community benefiting both the members of the company and a wide range of audiences.
  • Disability arts and inclusive arts events and activities.
  • Short and long term projects where people with learning disabilities are encouraged and supported to be proactive in their community.
  • Large-scale productions where all the actors, dancers, singers and musicians are adults with learning disabilities.
  • Arts activities in the community for those who may be unable to access them otherwise.
  • Services and projects include: Wednesday Workshop, Breaking Barriers, Day Services.
  • Projects and activities for children with learning disabilities.
  • Projects for the elderly.
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